High Current Tandem Accelerator for Intense Monochromatic Gamma Rays Generation

A. Krivenko, L. Barkov, G. Derevyankin, G. Dimov, S. Fadeev, G. Kraynov, G. Kraynov, V. Shirokov, G. Silvestrov, I. Sorokin, S. Taskaev, M.A. Tiunov, BINP, Novosibirsk; V. Mashinin, MEPhI, Moscow

Original 2 MeV proton tandem accelerator with current up to 40 mA for monochromatic 9.17 MeV gamma-quantum production on Carbon-13 target for contraband detection is described. The tandem is supplied by a powerful sectioned rectifier from ELV type industrial accelerator providing high stability of the proton beam in the region of maximum gamma rays production at protons energy 1.76 MeV. The description of working ion source with current up to 10 mA, variants of gas stripper system and design of 100 kW Carbon-13 target with liquid metal cooling are presented. Also the results of optics calculation for focussing on stripper of high current (10-40 mA) compensated H(-) beam with heterogeneous density and transverse energy about 1 eV are given.