High Power Neutron Producing Target with Liquid Metal Cooling

G. Silvestrov, B. Bayanov, V. Belov, S. Danilov, V. Karasyuk, T. Sokolova, S. Taskaev, G. Villevald, BINP, Novosibirsk; V. Kononov, IPPE, Obninsk

The target is an iron plate for the absorption of incident proton or deyton beam. This plate has a system of cooling channels, covered by thin molibdenic foil and liquid gallium will be pumped through them. The neutron producing target itself is a thin (about 10 microns) layer of matter with high neutron production cross-section placed on the surface of molibdenic foil. It can be lithium (or lithium hydride), beryllium, titanium saturated by tritium or porous titanium oxide saturated by Carbon-13.

Two designs of the target are described:

  1. Stationary target like disk 50 mm in diameter with power removal capability of several tens of kW.
  2. Rotating target with power removal more than 100 kW. It includes pump for pumping of liquid metal coolant and heat exchanger with secondary cooling contour.